Technologies for Financial Inclusion.

We aim to bring innovation to the Lending Industry by creating a global marketplace for lenders and borrowers.

Founders and Team

Rahul Pilaniwalla,

Rahul Pilaniwalla, Chairman, Founder

Rahul has extensive international experience in multiple and diverse industries such as, but not limited to wealth management, supercars (import/export), hospitality, real estate development, logistics services and commodities trading.
Stefano Virgilli,

Stefano Virgilli, CEO, Co-Founder

Stefano is the most certified Adobe trainer in the world, with 83 certifications and 14 thousand people trained. He is a TEDx speaker and international startup mentor and advisor. He owns and operate businesses in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, since age 16.
Chanin Chatrirat

Chanin Chatrirat, CFO

Chanin is a highly qualified Investment Consultant specializing in the trade of equities and derivative products along with assessing companies’ financial strengths for the past 13 years. He has a Masters Degree in Finance since 2006.
Piyush Pilaniwalla

Piyush Pilaniwalla, CIO

Extensive experience in, catalytic reforming, fuel cells power modules, chemical procurement, logistic services as well as trading in financial instruments such as but not limited to forex, equities, commodities, indices and bonds.
Paolo Piccinin

Paolo Piccinin, CTO

Paolo is an Italian IT Engineer with over a decade experience in software development and security. Among his certification CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CISA and CISM. Paolo has worked for major IT and Governments in Europe and Middle East.


Mirosław Janik

Mirosław Janik

Highly appreciated Boards advisor with change and risk management performance. Professional who has proven sustainable growth of Wincor Nixdorf Poland, Russia, Ukraine and CIS achieved market leader position reporting to US private equity firms (KKR & Goldman Sachs), Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Created SSCs in Poland, Ukraine and Russia (Global Customer Care, R&D, Admin and Software Development).
Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev is an entrepreneur from the US and a tech enthusiast. She’s very active in the startup space as a host, influencer, and presenter. She has spoken about women in Blockchain at Oxford University, and many conferences worldwide, urging more women to get involved in tech. Today she is on the board of advisory for highly rated projects, receive invites to speak at conferences worldwide, and hosted events for companies such as Huobi exchange, HybridBlock, Cryptovest media. Nikita has invested in a number of startups globally.
Alexey Sidorov

Alexey Sidorov Co-founder, Silkway Ventures Group

An ex-banker in corporate and commercial banking with Citigroup, Alexey makes an excellent Founding Team Mentor. Passionate tech entrepreneur, 5x founder: online consumer finance, P2P lending, financial price comparison and digital marketing in Central & S.E. Asia. Co-founder of Kazakhstan FinTech Assoc.
John Kamara

John Kamara Founder, Jamborow

An accomplished business executive who delivered on multi-million dollar projects, he was heavily involved in the tech and startup space developing and driving e-commerce, AI, blockchain, gaming, financial inclusion and intra-Africa trade projects. A regular speaker at various summits. Being the City AI Ambassador for Nairobi and Lagos, he is tasked to develop the AI communities.
Michael Alli-Idowu

Michael Alli-Idowu

CFA charterholder with over 15years experience gained in top tier investment banks. A comprehensive knowledge of global financial markets. Very strong record of process re-engineering and risk control. A results-driven analytical thinker. In depth product knowledge across asset classes developed through work experience and the CFA. Has worked across culture in Asia and Europe.